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How Ashley C. Ford Figures Out What She Really Wants

In the past few years, Ashley C. Ford’s name has been popping up everywhere—she’s written cover stories for national magazines, hosted (and appeared on) blockbuster podcasts, and started her own video...

How Plantable Founder Nadja Pinnavaia Leapt from Finance to Food

Born to Italian parents, Nadja Pinnavaia grew up eating healthy, whole foods at home. It wasn’t until she moved to the United States and had her own children that she...

Siva Kumari Was Only Supposed To Be A Good Wife—But That Was Never Enough For Her

Siva Kumari is one of the humblest achievers you will ever meet. “I’m surprised and heartened by how hard work continually pays off,” she says of her career ascent. Now...

Why Sloane Davidson Founded “Hello Neighbor” to Open the Door to Refugees

Pittsburgh native Sloane Davidson has always been a connector. As the fourth of six daughters spanning three marriages (more on that later), she grew up navigating complex relationships—and she always...