Confidently take your measurements correctly and precisely from the comfort of your home.You will need:

•   Measuring tape (get a FREE Self-Made Couture approved measuring tape)
•   Other person for assistance 

Step 1: Remove your accessories

•  Remove all the accessories you are wearing before you start any measurements

💡   Take the following items off before starting any measurements:

(1) Your belt

(2) Your shoes

(3) Remove anything in your pockets

(4) Remove watches or bracelets

Pro Tip: Change into tight-fitting clothes to achieve the best measurement result

Step 2: Relax your body and stand straight

•   Stand in your natural posture, legs slightly apart, arms relaxed at your side

•   DON’T flex your muscles or puff out your chest as we want your measurements to be as precise as possible

💡   Here are some reminders while doing the measurements

(1) Make sure to record all of your body measurements in CENTIMETERS (cm)

(2) While measuring keep one finger between the tape measure and the person’s body

(3) Make sure that the tape measure is level

Step 3: Start the body measurements

(1) Place the end of the measuring tape below your Adam’s apple

(2) Wrap the measuring tape around your neck following its natural curve

(3) Once it meets the other end, gently pull the measuring tape to tighten

(4) Take and record the measurement

Self-Made Measurement Form

All measurements MUST be in CENTIMETERS