At Self-Made Couture, we empower confident, self-reliant, and ambitious individuals through affordable luxury experiences. Our custom clothing is designed to highlight your best features and inspire your unique style journey.

Meet Our Founder

Introducing Brandon C. Chestnut, the visionary Founder and CEO of Self-Made Couture. With a passion for fashion and a keen eye for styling, Brandon's journey began in Indianapolis, Indiana. From college days at Purdue University, where he pledged Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated, to pursuing an MBA in International Business and Marketing at Cleveland State University, his love for custom suits blossomed.During an internship in Shanghai, China, Brandon found his true calling, leading him to establish Self-Made Couture. Now, alongside his wife, Sydney Chestnut, Co-Owner, he brings luxury fashion to multiple locations with a team of Self-Made Style Experts ready to inspire and empower your unique style.

Our Process

Becoming Self-Made

Personalized Perfection - Virtual or in-person, we guarantee an exceptional experience. Discover expert advice tailored to your style, with fabrics that stand the test of time.


Our dedicated Self-Made Style Experts work with you to design every detail of your custom garment. From functional buttonholes to special linings, every element is tailored to your preferences.


Whether in-person or virtually, we ensure an exceptional experience to understand your style preferences and create clothing that makes an impact. clothing lasts longer than most garments in your closet.


Using superior materials and an ageless process, our seasoned tailors laser-cut and hand-assemble your custom pattern. Your unique garment can be ready for delivery within 3-5 weeks, a testament to our dedication to quality.


At Self-Made Couture, we guarantee an exceptional experience. Our commitment to craftsmanship and superior fabrics means your custom clothing will outlast most garments in your closet.