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Design your dream wedding suit with the help of Self-Made Couture's expert stylists. 

The classic black tuxedo has been the staple for wedding suits for over 100 years. At Self-Made Couture, we embrace that tradition, but also believe that a wedding suit should be a reflection of the person that wears it. 



With the help of Self-Made's expertly trained stylists, turn your dream wedding suit into a reality.  

The Self-Made Wedding Party Experience

Traditionally, the bride and bridesmaids celebrate together when picking a wedding dress for the big day. At Self-Made Couture, we decided the groom and groomsmen should get that same luxury experience. Our Self-Made Wedding Party Experience invites the groom and their groomsmen to enjoy a custom luxury experience, complete with catered drinks and other amenities to celebrate picking a suit. With access to fabric books and button catalogues, each person will get the opportunity to sit with an expert stylist and craft their custom suit to their exact specifications. 


 Recognized Nationwide

Self-Made Couture is recognized across the country for its luxury menswear experience. More recently, Self-Made Couture was featured in an issue of Today’s Bride Magazine, showcasing a groom sporting his one-of-a-kind Self-Made Tuxedo.